Fast and efficient EV charging

By using XENON as a local energy management system, Fastned is able to avoid grid overloads, reduce both upfront and ongoing costs and serve even more electric drivers.

Use case


"With this energy management system, we are able to optimize the utilization of our grid connections and reduce costs at our stations. Most importantly, this technology allows us to increase the charging capacity of our network and serve even more electric drivers."
Roland van der Put
Head of Charging Technology at Fastned

Fastned is a European operator of fast charging stations founded in 2012 and based in Amsterdam. The company's goal is to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility by building a pan-European network of 1,000 public fast charging stations at prime locations where electric cars are charged exclusively with green electricity – in cities, along highways or at readily visited locations like supermarkets.

The company's fast charging stations enable charging of up to 350 kW and can provide an electric car with up to 300km of range in just 15 minutes, depending on the car type. However, high performance charging also translates to sharper energy demand, which calls for more intelligent energy management systems to keep costs low and energy supply more stable.

Convenience and cost-effectiveness

Fastned chose our XENON energy platform as the manufacturer-independent building kit to cost-effectively build a custom energy and load management solution. This solution optimizes utilization of the grid connection point and reduces costs. The Grid Protector module allows significantly larger charging stations to be built without needing to increase the size of the grid connection.

PV systems can also be integrated to harness local solar power and, with the help of the Peak Shaver module, ensure that energy usage is used and distributed for EV charging in the most effectual and cost-effective manner. By choosing different charging modes, the usage of all assets can be optimized and convenience for users simultaneously increased.

A range of devices and assets can be seamlessly integrated.
Increased charging capacity
Larger charging sites can be built without enhancing the grid connection point.
Reduced costs
Grid expansion costs are avoided and grid tariffs minimized.
Offline functionality
Operation is robust to connection outages.

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