One platform to rule them all.

XENON connects, monitors and controls distributed energy resources (DER) – from wallboxes to batteries to inverters.
Illustration of XENON
Rely on robust infrastructure

XENON provides industry-leading reliability with an uptime of more than 99.9%.

Trust in bank-level security

We apply the highest security standards to all our soft- and hardware.

Work with devices from any OEM

XENON is compatible with devices from more than 47 different OEMs.

Scale as quickly as you like

XENON supports endless use cases and has proven its scalability with more than 10,000 devices in the field.

Connecting DERs

Connect to any distributed energy resource

We offer purpose-built hardware to connect DERs where they are installed and create a digital twin in the cloud.

Abstraction layer

Structured and standardized data for all DERs

XENON provides one interface for all DERs. Monitor and control any device without the need to implement the underlying protocol.


Build on top of XENON with ready made modules

Modules are components that provide a set of functionalities. They are divided into three categories – Optimize, Access, Extend. Simply build an energy management application by combining the modules you need for your use case.


Build the foundation of your intelligent energy management system by shaving peaks, avoiding overloads and integrating flexibility. 


Add an extra layer of transparency by visualizing assets and energy flows, customizing views and simplifying energy management. 


Add additional features that leverage state-of-the-art technology to personalize your solution and scale projects to reach new heights.

Concentrate on the logic - not the infrastructure

Use our API to build energy management applications from scratch and implement your own custom logic.

Get accessRead the docs


The API is well documented and provides clear and consistent data structures.


All endpoints adhere to REST principles, making integration quick and seamless.


Connect and manage any gridX-ready DER

Assets from more than 50 different manufacturers are already supported, in addition to common industry protocols like OCPP.
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