The digital energy platform
One platform for all solutions
The XENON platform provides scalable infrastructure to connect and control distributed energy resources (DERs).
Distributed energy resources (DERs) produce store and consume energy
Distributed energy resources
DERs produce, store and consume energy
Edge services connect DERs to XENON.
Edge services
Connect DERs to XENON
Cloud services process, store and consolidate data centrally.
Cloud services
Process, store and consolidate data
User interfaces let you visualize and manage.
User interfaces
Visualize and manage DERs.

Follow data travelling through XENON

Information is at the core of XENON. See how it travels through the platform.

Distributed energy resources produce, store and consume energy. Additionally, they produce vast amounts of data. XENON runs on this data.
Up to 50 data points are generated by a single DER every two seconds
Edge services connect DERs
The gridBox is the gateway to XENON. It collects the data from DERs, optimizes energy flows locally and communicates with the cloud.
More than 2 million data points are reported by a single gridBox per day.
Cloud services
process data
The cloud consolidates, processes and stores all data. It enriches data with third party sources such as weather forecasts.
Our cloud services store raw data in a resolution of 2 seconds.
User interfaces visualize and manage
The human interface to XENON. View energy flows in real time. Set priorities. Watch the algorithms manage your energy.
Solutions built on XENON

Our Solutions run on XENON. They connect, process and manage data from DERs in any given context.

XENON charge
Dynamic load management
Reduce peak loads. Save money. Reduce carbon emissions. Robust to network outages.
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XENON energy
Smart energy management
Increase self-sufficiency. Turn into a prosumer. Integrate sectors. Reduce costs. Reduce carbon emissions.
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What sets XENON apart

Single platform for all DERs

Monitor and control any DER on a single platform.

Custom interfaces

Customize everything to match your corporate design.

Self-service onboarding

Setup is so simple and quick your customers won't need support.

Multi-client support

Give your employees and partners the access they need.

Remote maintenance

Resolve issues remotely - quicker and less costly than onsite service.

Instant notifications

Get notified instantly when errors occur.
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