A world running on carbon neutral energy.

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our times but today's power grid is not built for the uncertain and decentral nature of renewable energy. We envision a future where all energy resources are connected to make renewable energy accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our Mission

We provide the world's most advanced platform to build impactful energy solutions.

We build the infrastructure to enable the energy transition. With XENON anyone can monitor and control distributed energy resources. Thereby, we enable our partners to build renewable energy solutions quicker than ever.

Join us

Work on climate change.

We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals to join our team. Learn what it's like to work at gridX, get to know our team and see open positions.

Our history

In Munich daheim. In Aachen Zuhause.

It all started off as an idea borne by two friends cycling through Ecuador in 2015. Ever since, gridX has been working to revolutionize the energy industry. See our journey.

The idea is born in Ecuador. On holiday, David and Andy first discuss the idea of connecting distributed energy resources.


gridX is founded in May after being granted the EXIST scholarship. Joel has joined Andy and David, completing the founding team.


Our second home in Munich is opened.

The seed round is closed. The first investors come on board. Among others, Vito One and Gabor Cselle back gridX.

The first product is shipped. The first gridBoxes are sold to end consumers alongside energy contracts.


In February, we close our series A led by innogy ventures and coparion and we win the Digital Energy Award at E-world.

May: We win Viessmann as our first business customer and shift our focus to the B2B market.

October: We win our first international business customer.


Major customers are won including innogy, Axel Springer and DHL. First steps abroad are made. As part of the German Accelerator program we explore the American market.


XENON is introduced at E-world in Essen.

E.ON is won as a customer. XENON charge becomes the load management solution for all E.ON charging stations.


E.ON acquires a majority stake in gridX.

We expand significantly and Fastned becomes the 14th international company to build their energy management system with XENON.


We reach 100 employees. The Aachen office and in-house production site move to a bigger location to reach new levels of scaling. E.ON. acquires the remaining shares.


Founders David and Andy pass over the management to Tim and Tobias. gridX expands, securing new international customers like Soly and Swiss Post and the Munich office relocates to a bigger office.


gridX announces new partnerships e.g. Wegatech, reaches 50 integrated OEMs, launches professional services and a game-changing new partnership model for OEMs, “Ready for gridX”, implements new features for time-of-use tariffs and Paragraph 14a, and reaches 200 employees.

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