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Workation - Combining work and vacation

Whether a long weekend in Spain or a month in Scandinavia, workation allows our employees to reduce stress and increase productivity. Learn how Amelie and Lars use their 70 days per year to work from abroad in the EU.

Buy low. Sell high.

Electricity prices vary a lot throughout a day. With smart energy management consumers can shift their loads to off-peak periods – saving costs and emissions.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. – Circular economy in the energy sector

The three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – can be used to apply the circular economy to the energy sector and ensure the energy transition is a success

Enabling energy democracy with digital solutions

Empowering end users with digital solutions increases energy democracy, or public participation, and encourages more flexible and balanced consumption.
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EV Charging Report 2023

Heat Pump Report

API Report

Life at gridX

Moving abroad: The challenges and opportunities of relocating to Germany

If you're looking for online jobs in Germany for English speakers, hear from a developer and product manager at gridX what it’s like relocating to Germany.

Energy consulting: Taming the digital beast

Digitalization in the energy industry is no easy task. Navigating these multifaceted challenges requires tailored expertise in the form of energy consulting.

Knowledge is power: Scaling customer solutions with energy diagnostics

Advanced energy diagnostics enables comprehensive energy visualization, issue prevention across systems and devices and minimal wasted support effort.

Four key aspects of energy management we will see in the Nordics in 2023

The Nordics lead the way in the adoption of EVs and heat pumps. Now, energy management systems and demand-side flexibility will take center stage.

The good, the bad and the innovative: 5 effects of the energy crisis

The energy crisis has hugely impacted e-mobility and HEMS. Self-sufficiency optimization, dynamic tariffs and direct marketing have never been more important.
Life at gridX

Renewable energy jobs that put people first

Are you on the hunt for the best tech jobs, EU remote jobs or the best jobs 2023? Renewable energy jobs provide meaning, diversity and constant growth.
Life at gridX

From working student to full-time employee: career development at gridX

Career development is key for a positive company culture. Is energy a good career path? Read Daniel’s story from working student to full time to find out.

4 steps to becoming energy efficient and self-sufficient

The best way to protect yourself from volatile energy prices is by becoming more energy efficient and self-sufficient with clean energy technologies.

Aligning economics and sustainability with smart energy

Smart energy solutions now bring financial benefits, lower risk and a seamless experience. Learn why economics and sustainability are merging and how to act.
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