Mental health matters: A recap of our mental health journey

At gridX, our goal is to create a supportive environment that prioritizes mental well-being alongside professional growth. We understand that mental health is equally important as physical health, which is why we focus on preventing burnout, stress, depression and more. Our company culture is built on supporting employees and treating them with kindness and respect – all of which starts with mental health.

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Four market developments that highlight the importance of an adaptable HEMS

Home energy management is different in every market and changes constantly – from paragraph 14a to FCR to imbalance markets – making an adaptable HEMS vital.

What gridX has learned from Paragraph 14a EnWG so far

Find out from an energytech expert how Paragraph 14a of Germany’s Energy Industry Act (EnWG) can be implemented in practice.
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Celebrating diversity: gridX culture nights

At gridX, we pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive workplace. To promote this, we host Culture Nights to celebrate our team’s varied backgrounds!

The XENON integration guide

gridX’s asset integration process helps partners find the optimal OEMs and models to create the best results for their products and the energy transition.
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Embracing growth and balance: Exploring the sabbatical experience with Nils at gridX

Jobs with sabbaticals are sought after for their embrace of a healthy work-life balance. See firsthand how our team member spent his adventurous sabbatical.

5 e-mobility features that make a CPO’s life easier

EV charging can be complicated. But these 5 e-mobility features make charging infrastructure more scalable, cost efficient and user friendly.

Digging into the layers: How flexibility value stacking is like a trifle

How is flexibility value stacking like a trifle? Two words: delicious layers. It unlocks potential with implicit and explicit flexibility.
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Empowering women: #WomenHack comes to our Munich office

WomenHack supports women in tech and engineering. The night was full of key insights and strategies for advancing gender diversity in the tech industry.

8 underrated countries leading the way in renewable energy

Discover the hidden champions of renewable energy. We take a look at the 8 unsung heroes paving the way to a clean energy future. Number 7 may surprise you.
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