How to source and integrate energy flexibility

Power system flexibility is crucial to better balance energy supply and demand. How can we use innovation, competition and regulation to improve energy flexibility?
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Meet the crew: Rania Zoghlami
From studying in Tunisia to working for a scaleup in the energy sector in Germany, we share how Rania adjusted to a new industry and culture in the midst of a pandemic.
The four biggest challenges of sector coupling
Heating and transport’s high emissions call for electrification and flexible energy management to match supply and demand. Learn why sector coupling is key.
Report: Digitalization in the energy industry
Players in the changing energy landscape must decarbonize and decentralize. Our report shows that digitalization in energy has become the key to survival.
Meet the Crew: Ruben Damoiseaux
Our Head of Product shares his journey from an interest in technology as a young child over two sabbaticals to guiding product development at gridX.
Meet the Crew: Jessica Rudi
From sociologist to technical editor in the energy industry, find out why Jessica turned to the tech side and how her experiences of remote onboarding.
Timing is everything: Why time-of-use tariffs are here to stay
Recent energy developments make flexible tariffs that change with time of use crucial. Learn why energy management systems should work with ToU tariffs.
Accelerating the use of sustainable technology in energy
How can technology be used to speed up the energy transition? The energy industry must embrace a more innovative and holistic mindset and foster collaboration between various stakeholders.
The DER API – Developing Energy
We are opening our XENON platform to third-party developers. This allows anyone to develop energy management applications from scratch in no time. There is no need to build and maintain integrations for individual manufacturers or devices – just one single RESTful API.
Meet the crew: Emeline Georges
Engineer, energy specialist and advocate for teamwork and open-mindedness: we uncover what drew Emeline to the tech industry, and, in particular, to her current role at gridX.
Why phase optimization matters
The ever increasing number of EVs is putting more and more pressure on the grid and driving demand for smart charging solutions. One thing, however, is often overlooked, despite its great potential: phase optimization.
Here comes the sun
An EV is only as sustainable as the electricity used to charge it. Thus, carbon-neutral mobility requires widespread accessibility of electricity from renewable sources.
Presenting the Charging Report 2021
Today, we are thrilled to present our first charging report compromising our findings from analyzing public data on more than 1,800 charging point operators in Germany.
Brains over Copper: The different ways of load management
Intelligent charging infrastructure is increasingly becoming the focus of attention – also among politicians. For example, the state of Baden-Württemberg supports projects that intelligently connect charging infrastructure in public parking spaces with up to €500,000 to reduce the need for grid expansion. The state calls this approach "brains over copper": but what ways are there to manage charging points with "brains"?
The new German Renewable Energy Act 2021
On January 1, 2021, the new German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) came into force following a long discussion. The amendment has profound consequences for the expansion and remuneration of renewable energies - an overview of the most important changes.
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