Smart charging

Charge smarter. Not harder.

Maximize the efficiency and minimize the costs of EV charging with XENON. Customize the solution to your business needs and scale continually. Companies like DHL, E.ON and Fastned rely on XENON to manage EV charging.


Suited to (almost) any use case.

⚡ High Power Charging.

Optimize costs and maximize capacity of large HPC sites.

🚚 Logistics.

Ensure smooth operations with 24/7 overload protection and smart charging strategies.

🏨 Retail and Hospitality.

Operate smart charging infrastructure for your customers and guests.

🏢 Office.

Operate smart charging infrastructure for offices and other commercial buildings.


Reduce costs.
Not charging speed.

Ensure maximum utilization of your capacity.

Set Grid Connection Capacity

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Make data-driven decisions.

Get machine-readable data on electricity loads and machine health in a resolution of 2 seconds.

High resolution

Get data in a resolution of 2 seconds.


All data comes in well-documented machine-readable formats.


Extract and stream data into any system with our API.

Smart charging strategies

Charge it your way.

Adapt charging patterns to your individual requirements and site constraints. Choose from over five pre-defined charging strategies, or create your own.
Divide the available capacity equally among cars.
Prioritize individual charge points.
Charge according to departure times and desired state of charge.
Create your own charging schedules to fit your specific needs.

Future Proof

Ready for the future. Available today.

E-mobility is evolving rapidly. XENON has you covered – whatever the future may hold.

Expand sites

Easily expand sites: add PV systems or storage without hassle.

Add functionalities

Add more functionalities on the go with our modules or build on our API.

Adjust settings

Seamlessly adjust settings via our user-friendly web interface.

Success Story –


Mission: "Charging infrastructure for all"

The charge point operator, ChargeOne, relies on gridX's dynamic load management for its EV charging solutions. Find out more about the collaboration that is driving the expansion of the EV charging infrastructure and how the partnership benefits ChargeOne’s business.

Modules used


more charge points at a site without grid extensions

> 1000

charge points installed in first 9 months of the partnership

Average of > 12 and maximum of 59

charge points per location

Success Story –

MAINGAU Energie GmbH

Leading the way to truly green mobility

After installing solar panels at their headquarters, MAINGAU Energie GmbH wanted to connect their PV and EV charging to maximize self-sufficiency. XENON enabled them to do this without reducing user comfort.

81% of charging volume

powered by local PV

80% of all charging sessions

fully completed

On 10/21 days

overloads were prevented

Success Story –


The backbone for holistic EV charging services

Charging infrastructure specialist, eliso relies on XENON for holistic charging optimization and management

Modules used

Increased transparency

Central overview of all operations

Holistic optimization

Improving charging processes


Integrating a variety of OEMs and protocols

EV Charging report 2024

Get started.

Download our EV Charging Report 2024 or get in touch to learn everything about smart charging with XENON.