Optimizing renewable capacity

gridX's manufacturer-independent platform allowed E.ON to develop a dynamic load management solution to optimize energy by taking the real-time load into account and prioritize charging without manual input.

"Increasing charging demands can be realized with the expansion in an uncomplicated and cost-effective way by making the best possible use of the capacity - this technology can also be used when expanding the infrastructure."
Lioudmila Simon
Head of eMobility Innovation at E.ON Innovation

As one of Europe's largest energy providers, E.ON focuses on providing comprehensive energy solutions that address the needs of both customers and the environment. They were in need of a manufacturer-independent load management solution that could optimize energy by taking the real-time load at the grid connection point into account.

In September 2020, E.ON chose to use XENON for their load management solution as the platform provided the necessary flexibility for the wide variety of sites and projects.

The combination of our peak shaver and grid protector modules enables more discerning distribution of charging power amongst electric vehicles, while maximizing the utilization of the infrastructure. Added features of optional charging modes ensure that departure times and state of charge are taken into account so that user comfort is never compromised.

Customized solutions for individual projects

When combined with PV systems, the energy management system adjusts electric vehicle (EV) charging according to energy supply and demand in real time. For example, if solar power increases or energy consumption in the building drops, the system instantly charges more EVs or provides them with greater power. Certain electric cars can be prioritized using artificial intelligence that is trained with historical data, meaning manual input from customers is not required.

At one site, this AI-based dynamic load management enabled E.ON to expand the capacity of electric cars by a factor of ten, without any grid extensions. This means the smart energy management system avoids sizeable upfront costs, while also ensuring that ongoing grid fees are kept to a minimum.

In our latest project with E.ON, gridX begun testing bidirectional charging, which enables the use of an electric car as a battery to store and release energy if an additional supply of energy is needed. For larger projects, the VPP module allows them to aggregate different systems into a system pool, which is connected to grid control systems via an API. We are constantly developing a range of customized new features to ensure that users' needs are always met at each individual site, no matter how large or small.

8x increase in EV charging capacity
without any grid extension
76% reduction peak loads
compared to an unmanaged setup
investment in new infrastructure
11 countries
benefit from the scalable charging solution.

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