Grid Protector

Run more charge points on existing infrastructure

Manage charging station loads to avoid violation of grid limits, reduce fees and better monitor and manage large sites.


Charge more. Pay less.


more cars

Extend existing capacity with smart charging of electric cars.


upfront savings

Reduce costs by foregoing expensive grid extensions.


overload protection

Protect against overloads at all times with dynamic load management.


OEMs supported

XENON currently supports EV chargers by more than 20 manufacturers.

Dynamic Load Management

Lower base load. Higher charging power.

Take real time residual and building load into account to maximize power utilization without causing costly peaks.

Multi-fuse setup

Point and click.
Drag and drop.

Map complex sub-distributions via a graphical interface to monitor and manage large sites.


Set it up the way you want.

Meet individual mobility needs without violating the limit of the grid connection point.

Optimizing renewable capacity

gridX's customized dynamic load management enabled energy provider E.ON to intelligently charge electric vehicles and lower costs and emissions on a number of sites.
investment in new infrastructure
Use Case
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In-depth analysis of data on more than 400k chargers in 28 European countries – uncovering infrastructure density, charging speed and capacity, to operators’ market share.

Feature list

What else?

Real time control and monitoring
Instant response (< 200 ms) to load fluctuation by reducing charge energy.
Smart verification
Intelligent algorithms monitor proper operation and inform you about configuration errors, e.g. phase configuration mismatch.
Offline capability
Safe operation is ensured if internet connection is lost due to local data processing
Failsafe operation
Fallback modes ensure safe operation, even in case of grid meter measurement failure.
Phase accurate optimization
Free capacities are not unnecessarily allocated with asymmetric phase utilization.
Holistic operation
Integration of PV for solar charging and battery storage systems.

Start building

With XENON you can build any application using energy appliances – from home energy management to a full-fledged VPP.

Energy Optimizer

Use various forecasting models to optimize power flows, reduce operating costs and maximize self-sufficiency.
Energy Optimizer

Peak Shaver

Optimize charging events and minimize grid fees by shifting peak loads, and using algorithms that consider daily forecasts.
Peak Shaver