Ready for gridx

A label for future-proof OEMs

Want to fast-track your journey to EMS-compatibility? And join a collaborative network of dependable energy manufacturers with high scaling potential? Then get ready for gridX.

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End-to-end partnerships with manufacturers

An optimized EMS experience for OEMs, partners and end users

Simplified commissioning
Remote presets enable a future plug and play solution, as well as ongoing expansion of compatibility.
Guaranteed performance
Benchmarking ensures seamless interaction for complex energy use cases like flexibility services.
Firmware and lifecycle management
Guarantee continuous, error-free operation even after updates and align on future roadmap priorities.
Fastest possible troubleshooting
By developing clear processes, we can jointly design the products of tomorrow, trouble-free.

More value for our partners

Build and roll out scalable solutions

‘Ready for gridX’ opens up new value pools and sales channels for partners, for example with retrofitting: enable a plug and play solution that removes the need for on-site installers to  advance the development of mass-market use cases.

our first partner

gridX x KOSTAL

KOSTAL, a leading German player in the energy technology market, has become 'Ready for gridX' to enable its customers to access smart home energy management across the board.