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gridX announces GoodWe as second "Ready for gridX" partner

  • GoodWe is the second “Ready for gridX” partner. 
  • High-growth companies create synergies to optimize the interoperability of energy assets in the European market.
  • gridX helps partners to implement regulatory requirements in the European market, thus supporting the future-proof design of energy technology and energy management solutions.

Munich, 18 June 2024 – Just one day before the start of The Smarter E Europe in Munich, gridX announces an additional milestone in the launch of its own “Ready for gridX” label: Europe's leading smart energy company has entered into a close collaboration with GoodWe as part of its new “Ready for gridX” partnership model to ensure the optimum interoperability between GoodWe technology and gridX’s smart energy management solutions.

GoodWe, a rapidly-growing manufacturer (OEM) of PV inverters, is the second “Ready for gridX” partner. The partnership announcement comes just a week after the official presentation of the label on June 11. With “Ready for gridX”, the company aims to resolve the complicated and difficult networking of energy systems from different OEMs, ensure their smooth interaction in energy management practice and thus guarantee a smooth, seamless energy management experience for installers and users. 

Connecting strong growth

GoodWe is experiencing strong international growth, particularly in the European market; gridX has already established itself as a leading technology provider in the European energy sector and is also currently pursuing rapid growth. "gridX and GoodWe share ambitious scaling goals. We are now pooling our synergies to further advance our technologies in Europe through strategic collaboration," says Tobias Mitter, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of gridX. As GoodWe has already built up an extensive user base, the company can now work with gridX to open up new value streams, such as the retrofit market, for gridX partners. Previously, gridX technology could only be installed with selected new systems that were already integrated into the solution. This is now changing thanks to the “Ready for gridX” cooperation between gridX and GoodWe: through active mutual cooperation, gridX is aiming to ensure that new systems are compatible with gridX's own energy management solution, the IoT platform XENON and the IoT gateway gridBox, as soon as they are launched. A mutual partnership also ensures smooth operation for the maintenance of already integrated products, as firmware updates, for example, can be tested at an early stage and set up in such a way that they later allow error-free, immediate operation with the energy management system.

gridX ensures the future viability of energy technology

The “Ready for gridX” partnership also benefits existing GoodWe users: end customers who are already equipped with GoodWe devices should, in the future, be able to receive a smart energy management system via gridX partners in retrofit use cases, without the need for installers to visit their homes. These households will then also gain access to the many benefits of smart home energy management. For example, households can take advantage of reduced grid charges in accordance with Paragraph 14a of the Energy Industry Act, use dynamic tariffs or provide grid-supporting flexibility from decentralized renewable energy assets. This enables households to realize significant annual energy cost savings. As part of the cooperation, GoodWe also benefits from gridX’s constant implementation of key European regulatory requirements across highly fragmented markets – such as the company’s recent announcement of a separate EMS module dedicated to Paragraph 14a. “Ready for gridX” therefore allows hardware manufacturers to also benefit quickly from regional or country-specific regulatory adjustments in the future.

Do you have any questions about “Ready for gridX”? 

Visit our press Q&A at The Smarter E in Munich on 19 June at 1pm (stand B5.677) or find out more on our „Ready for gridX“ landing page.

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gridX and GoodWe create synergies: As part of a "Ready for gridX" cooperation, the two energy players want to work closely together to optimize the interoperability of GoodWe technology and gridX’s smart energy management solutions.

About GoodWe

GoodWe is a world-leading PV inverter manufacturer and smart energy solution provider listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company has around 5,000 employees worldwide and more than 71 GW of installations in over 100 countries and regions. GoodWe offers an extensive range of products and solutions tailored for residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale PV systems, delivering reliable and high-performance solutions across its portfolio. In 2021, GoodWe was recognized by Wood Mackenzie as one of the top three suppliers of hybrid inverters in the world and in 2022 as one of the top three suppliers of PV inverters in Europe. For more information, please visit https://emea.goodwe.com/

About gridX

gridX is Europe's leading smart energy company based in Aachen and Munich. With its IoT platform XENON, gridX enables manufacturer-independent monitoring and management of distributed energy resources. XENON allows partners to develop and scale energy management solutions faster than ever before. By partnering with gridX, Fastned is able to install more charging points at sites without the need for costly grid extensions, and the Viessmann Group is able to offer its customers intelligent and integrated home energy management systems.

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