Peak Shaver

Shave peaks on both supply and demand sides

Optimize charging events and minimize grid fees by shifting peak loads, and using algorithms that consider daily production and consumption forecasts.

Numbers don't lie.


Lower peaks

Shed loads and significantly reduce electricity demand.
15 min

Maximized utilization

Optimize usage in line with grid operator's intervals.

Fastest charging

Maximize charging speed under any given power price.

Charging optimization

Maximize usage.
Minimize costs.

Take time intervals of the grid operator into account to avoid costly peak loads while maximizing utilization.

Holistic shaving

Manage demand and supply.

Reduce peak loads at the grid by intelligently managing both electricity supply and consumption.


Benefit from foresight.

Take production and consumption forecasts into account to maximize comfort and minimize peaks.

In practice

Fast and efficient EV charging

Fastned opted for XENON as a local energy management system to optimize fast charging stations and keep 15 minute average peak loads low.
Reduced costs
Grid expansion costs are avoided and grid tariffs minimized.
Use Case
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Peak shaving reduces the strain on the grid and can bring substantial savings for consumers. Start s(h)aving today with our guide.

Feature list

What else?

Demand side flexibility
Avoidance of peak loads by reduction of local consumption from EVs and other controllable loads
Supply side flexibility
Utilization of local power reserves to limit peak consumption from and lower feed-in to  the grid
Full control
Individual control over maximum load and time interval

Start building

With XENON you can build any application using energy appliances – from home energy management to a full-fledged VPP.

Grid Protector

Avoid overloads and maximize charging speed
Grid Protector

Tariff Timer

Minimize energy costs with varying energy prices
Tariff Timer