Making e-mobility operations more agile and scalable

SMART/LAB chose to work with gridX as they needed a solution that would enable them to constantly extend and improve their offering as the e-mobility landscape evolves and their customers’ needs change. 

Use case


"gridX’s technology and expertise is crucial for us to achieve such scale in a short amount of time."
Dr. Mark Steffen Walcher

SMART/LAB works with more than 260 energy providers and over 100 businesses to enable truly innovative services, products and concepts. With for municipal utilities and ladebusiness for corporate customers, SMART/LAB currently has the largest municipal publicly accessible charging network available.  

They wanted to simplify the process of developing a dynamic load management solution by drawing on experts, while remaining in charge of the entire customer experience. They chose to work with gridX to develop such a solution.

SMART/LAB understands the importance of using dynamic load management to make e-mobility operations more cost-efficient and scalable. By using our XENON platform, SMART/LAB is able to continually offer a complete package for tenders – with everything from invoicing to grid protection. In addition, SMART/LAB is now able to implement research projects in the area of e-mobility, which cover everything from bus travel plans to trucking operations. 

Holistic integration to scale electric cars

Seamless backend integration via an OCPP proxy ensures that all services and manufacturers can easily be integrated into the end-to-end solution. Frontend integration via our API, together with Single Sign-On (SSO) connectivity, allows them to standardize and streamline the user experience to deliver a seamless and holistic experience for all customers. 

With the first few charging parks successfully online and in operation, the goal for the remainder of 2022 is to set up up to around 15 parks, each with approximately 5-10 charging stations. With the ability to easily extend or adapt the modules used, SMART/LAB has the flexibility to develop new functionalities so that their customers’ needs are always met.

“gridX’s technology and expertise is crucial for us to achieve such scale in a short amount of time,” says SMART/LAB CEO Dr. Mark Steffen Walcher. “Our solutions are more adaptable than ever and we now look forward to better serving a wide range of e-mobility companies across Germany.” 

Continually adapt and improve offering
Seamless integration
Keep their IP
Develop a unique solution

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