Use EVs as batteries

Increase self-sufficiency by using EVs to store and release energy with vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-home capabilities.


Higher utilization

Lower grid congestion during peak load periods by using an EV to cover electricity demand.

Higher self-sufficiency

Use EVs as batteries and reduce the need for additional energy storage.

Lower costs

Reduce the cost of EV ownership by incentivizing operators to increase energy flexibility.

Bidirectional charging

Charging isn't a one-way street.

Charge and discharge (V2G or V2H) EVs to reduce peaks, respond to high demand or take advantage of time-varying electricity prices.

Comprehensive scope

Integrate more energy assets.

Cover multiple scenarios with a combination of PV, battery and other energy devices.  

Guaranteed mobility

Prioritize charging needs.

Set a minimum range and departure time to enhance convenience and ensure mobility needs are met.

In practice

Optimizing renewable capacity

gridX's customized dynamic load management enabled energy provider E.ON to intelligently charge electric vehicles and lower costs and emissions on a number of sites.
investment in new infrastructure
Use Case

Start building

With XENON you can build any application using energy appliances – from home energy management to a full-fledged VPP.

Energy Optimizer

Reduce operating costs and emissions
Energy Optimizer

Virtual Power Plant

Trade the flexibility and energy of connected DERs
Virtual Power Plant