The backbone for holistic EV charging services

The Stuttgart-based charging infrastructure specialist plans, installs and operates holistic charging solutions. To be able to offer their customers the full spectrum of services, they rely on our XENON platform.

Use case


Modules used
"With XENON, we can plan, implement and efficiently operate the optimal charging system for our customers."
Hauke Stamer
Project Manager at eliso

eliso GmbH provides companies, commercial and residential properties with comprehensive services to assist them in their journey to operating their own charging infrastructure. They are committed to future-proofing Germany with both commercial and public charging infrastructure networks that serve the booming number of electric vehicles across the country.

Comprehensive control

With XENON as the foundation of their customized dynamic load management solution, eliso is able to offer customer-oriented, cost-efficient charging solutions that adapt to changing market requirements. By gaining a holistic overview of all charging sites, eliso is able to easily manage and optimize multiple sites and simultaneously offer the highest service standards.

According to Manager for consulting, planning and project management at eliso, Hauke Stamer, the partnership increases flexibility for all parties involved.

"A sophisticated load management system is indispensable for the nationwide expansion of charging infrastructure at companies, and commercial and residential properties. gridX’s platform is, just like our charging systems, hardware-independent, adaptable to on-site conditions and future-proof due to constant development and innovation. With XENON, we can plan, implement and efficiently operate the optimal charging system for our customers."

Increased transparency
Central overview of all operations
Holistic optimization
Improving charging processes
Integrating a variety of OEMs and protocols

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