Watt's up with energy?

"Watt's up with energy?" is a bi-weekly podcast series brought to you by gridX, where we dive deep into the world of smart energy technologies.
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Episode 2 · 18 min. · 18.06.2024

Europe's charging infrastructure: Current capacity

In this episode, moderator Georgia Knapp and Solution Engineer Lars Rheinemann explore the current state of Europe’s charging infrastructure. They discuss how an increase in charge points will impact the continent’s already congested urban areas, whether we need more AC or DC chargers and which two surprising European countries are currently leading the “charge” (spoiler: they’re not in the Nordics)
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Episode 1 · 18 min. · 04.06.2024

Unpacking the basics of EV charging infrastructure

Moderator Georgia Knapp speaks with gridX Solution Engineer Lars Rheinemann about the basics of EV charging infrastructure. They cover topics such as bidirectional charging, whether your EV can serve as a household storage battery and the myth about leaving your plugged EV unattended.
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