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Smart and clean energy for all

IBC Solar wanted to offer end users holistic, customer-centric energy solutions. They chose our XENON platform to build their new home energy management system, efa:home.

"With XENON as its backbone, efa:home empowers users to take control of their energy management and maximize self-consumption."
Marcel Lang
Product Manager at IBC Solar

With over 40 years experience, IBC Solar is Germany’s most experienced photovoltaic provider.  In order to strengthen their brand and differentiate themselves from competitors in the residential segment they wanted to develop their own HEMS solution.

efa stands for Energy for All and is a product for individual energy management that enables end users to reduce electricity costs by minimizing the amount of energy drawn from the grid, while at the same time maximizing their quality of life. In order to offer such a solution, IBC needed to first transform all system components – hardware and software – into digital services, which are compatible and optimally coordinated with each other. 

Optimizing energy with XENON

Our manufacture-independent solution enables this seamless integration of energy devices. On top of this, with XENON IBC Solar was able to keep their own IP and develop their own solution, customizing everything from the modules used to the design of the edge gateway. In fact, they finalized their custom design in a record-breaking 10 days.

It was also important for IBC Solar to reduce complexity for end users. They are able to do this by making installation of the efa:home gateway as easy as possible and through sophisticated monitoring and visualization of energy flows. Notifications via our web and mobile apps further increase transparency, thereby heightening customer satisfaction.

“With the current need to couple sectors, we identified that having an interoperable network of system components from PV, heating and mobility is crucial for end users. With XENON as its backbone, efa:home empowers users to take control of their energy management and maximize self-consumption,” says Marcel Lang, Product Manager at IBC Solar. 

“We are looking forward to serving more and more customers with this latest innovation and in the long-term look forward to internationalization and an extendible solution that could help us develop a community model.”

Holistic & intuitive energy solutions for homes
Easy installation
Quick setup & seamless device integration
Superior visualization
Empower users to take control

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