From OEM to energy solutions provider

Viessmann wanted to adapt its business model from a manufacturer to a fully integrated energy solutions provider. XENON helped them achieve this digital transformation.

Viessmann is a German manufacturer of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems with distribution companies and representative offices in 74 countries around the world. In 2018, a century after their inception, Viessmann shifted its focus from heat generation to creating and maintaining smart, integrated living spaces.

As the demand for electrified decentralized assets, such as heat pumps, increases, Viessmann recognized the benefits of offering more holistic, value-added services alongside energy products. In order to broaden their customer base by achieving an end-to-end offering, the OEM looked towards smart energy management systems. They required a solution that would cover the electrical component of their home energy management systems and be able to connect and monitor a range of energy assets, from the PV system over the battery to the heat pump.

Flexible and future-proof

After pilot projects with several companies, Viessmann chose to build their solution using our XENON platform, as they would benefit from a quick time-to-market and significantly increased energy flexibility. XENON's modular architecture and extendible features ensure the company can always meet consumers' changing needs and stay ahead in a changing landscape. Viessmann also benefits from gridX's expertise in the electricity and eMobility sectors.

XENON is a core component of Viessmann's ViShare Energy Community, an energy community that provides electricity and heating sourced from renewable energy. Real-time analyses of energy flows on the web and mobile apps optimize energy usage and reduce costs for end users, while Viessmann benefits from increased transparency and customer interaction. Early error detection and remote maintenance remove the need for on-site technical visits, further saving time and costs.

Automatic control of energy systems and intelligent peak shaving makes Viessmann's system eligible for state subsidies as it maximizes the self-sufficiency of prosumers. By significantly reducing their overall carbon emissions, the company was able to increase long-term competitiveness within the context of the clean energy transition.

192% annual increase in sales
HEMS sales have steadily grown year on year since 2018.
~€80,000 savings
in an average month across all systems.
50% daily active users
increased customer engagement with mobile app.
243t CO2 savings
per month across all systems (as of April 2021).

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