Tariff Timer

Adapt energy usage to current prices

Enable users to minimize electricity costs by holistically controlling flexible energy assets based on market price signals.

Numbers don't lie.

Fast product development

Offer a time of use product, whether you're an energy provider or not.

Cost savings

Reduce overall energy costs by aligning consumption with low-price periods.

Zero energy waste

Minimize energy waste by using electricity when it is most economical.

Automatic optimization

Let the system do the number crunching

The algorithm independently creates schedules based on day-ahead prices and forecasts of the household's power consumption.

behavioral insights

Understand decision-making

Make decisions transparent to your users by showing current and historic deviations from self-sufficiency optimization.

flexible use cases

Support common setups

Ensure compliance to the most relevant end user setups in the market – from standard HEMS to multiple assets.
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Time of Use (ToU) tariffs incentivize consumers to shift their loads to off peak periods and thus reduce the strain on the grid and increase the share of renewables.

Feature list

What else?

Supported assets
Optimize PVs, Batteries, EV charging stations and heat pumps in line with time of use tariffs.
Definable price structure
Specify electricity price curves on a system level with our open Tariff API.
Transparent ToU status
Review the current optimization status of each system to ensure smooth operation for end users.
GCP forecasts
Easily retrieve forecasts of the household’s power consumption at the Grid Connection Point (GCP) level.

Start building

With XENON you can build any application using energy appliances – from home energy management to a full-fledged VPP.

Energy Optimizer

Reduce operating costs and emissions
Energy Optimizer

Web App

Give users full control and transparency over their energy
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