Tariff Timer

Adapt energy usage to current prices

Optimize power flows and minimize energy costs by using energy price forecasting and integrating tariffs via open market APIs.

Numbers don't lie.

High resilience

Minimize exposure to fluctuating electricity prices thanks to real-time management

Lower costs

Lower annual energy costs by 150€ by managing EV charging in response to ToU tariffs

Zero hassle

No manual management required to optimize energy flows.

Automatic optimization

Let the system do the number crunching

The algorithm independently creates schedules based on day ahead prices and user requirements.

Savings overview

Keep track of savings

Provide users with a comprehensive overview of savings achieved by the time-based energy management.

User prioritization

Stay in control

Allow users to set their own preference so that personal needs aren't constrained by the energy optimization.
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Time of Use (ToU) tariffs incentivize consumers to shift their loads to off peak periods and thus reduce the strain on the grid and increase the share of renewables.

Feature list

What else?

Transparent optimization
Notifications and summaries in the dashboard to ensure transparency towards the end user
Smart nudges
Smart recommendations based on electricity prices to improve consumption of non-controllable loads
Easy integration
Simple integration of prices signals via public market API or custom endpoint
Solar charging
Possibility to combine with solar charging to charge EV in case of excess electricity supply

Start building

With XENON you can build any application using energy appliances – from home energy management to a full-fledged VPP.

Energy Optimizer

Reduce operating costs and emissions
Energy Optimizer

Web App

Give users full control and transparency over their energy
Web App