Web App

Stay in control and in the know.

Gain control of all energy assets and enable customers to manage energy flows on a customizable digital interface. 

Numbers don't lie.

Improved upselling

Gain valuable customer insights to increase upselling.

Higher engagement

Half of all energy app accounts are used on a daily basis.

Remote resolution

More than half of all incidents can be resolved remotely.

Comprehensive views

Draw insights from data.

Allow users to see their energy flows, as well as cost and emission savings in real time.

Full control

Set individual priorities.

Empower users to prioritize individual loads and input mobility requirements.

Device independence

Let your customers choose.

Use the web app on  any modern browser – even internet explorer.

In practice

From OEM to energy solutions provider

With XENON, Viessmann was able to adapt its model to become a fully integrated energy solutions provider that offers innovative solutions to end users in the new energy ecosystem.
50% daily active users
increased customer engagement with mobile app.
Use Case

Feature list

What else?

State of the art security
Two-factor authentication for highest security and protection against attacks
Mobile optimized
Full support for mobile screen sizes
Fully customizable
Incorporation of corporate identity, from logos to colors or fonts
CSV exports
Export of high resolution data in structured, machine-readable format
Embeddable components
Easy integration of web app components into your existing online interface

Start building

With XENON you can build any application using energy appliances – from home energy management to a full-fledged VPP.

Mobile App

Provide users with energy information on the go
Mobile App

Cloud Connector

Easily add integrations to your existing systems
Cloud Connector