Energy Optimizer

Maximize self-sufficiency. Minimize costs.

Use various forecasting models to optimize power flows, reduce operating costs and maximize self-sufficiency.

Numbers don't lie.


Lower energy costs

Reduce annual energy costs in each household with an EV.

Higher self-sufficiency

Meet electricity demand with self-generated power.

Lower carbon emissions

Reduce carbon emissions in each household.

Customized target

Self-sufficiency. Emissions. Cost.

Choose whether to optimize for cost, emissions or self-sufficiency and incorporate various energy forecasting models.

Solar charging

Here comes the sun ☀️

Easily prioritize where solar power should be directed when production exceeds demand. Charge an EV. Switch on the heat pump.

Sector coupling

Optimize energy across heating, mobility and electricity.

Incorporate any appliance into the energy management system, from EV charging stations to heat pumps to PV inverters.

In practice

From OEM to energy solutions provider

With XENON, Viessmann was able to adapt its model to become a fully integrated energy solutions provider that offers innovative solutions to end users in the new energy ecosystem.
50% daily active users
increased customer engagement with mobile app.
Use Case
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As heating, mobility and electricity become increasingly intertwined, the home is becoming the energy hub of the future.

Feature list

What else?

Forecast-based optimization
Incorporation of user and location specific production and consumption forecasts
Manufacturer independent
Compatibility with any manufacturer that provides a third-party interface
Smart PV curtailment
Dynamic regulation of PV inverter depending on the own consumption and generation to minimize curtailment
Device specific parametrization
Input option for individual temperature values, EV charging modes and other individual parameters for power and heat devices
Smart suggestions
Rule-based notifications to encourage power consumption in times of high production
Eligibility for subsidies
Eligibility for a wide range of government subsidies

Start building

With XENON you can build any application using energy appliances – from home energy management to a full-fledged VPP.

Grid Protector

Manage charging station loads to avoid violation of grid limits, reduce fees and better monitor and manage large sites.
Grid Protector

Peak Shaver

Optimize charging events and minimize grid fees by shifting peak loads, and using algorithms that consider daily forecasts.
Peak Shaver