Dynamic Electricity Tariffs

Time-of-Use tariffs have risen to popularity in recent years. As technological advances increase the savings potential as well as the comfort of shifting loads.
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How much does an EV owner earn if he/she sells to the grid? And does the meter turn backwards (net metering) in Germany?

As a smart meter is required for dynamic tariffs, net metering is unfortunately not possible. Selling flexibility to the grid is currently still hindered by the national regulation and is therefore not financially attractive. However, we expect changes in the regulatory framework in the future that will enable use of the full flexibility of households for the wholesale and ancillary markets.

Does Germany work with feed-in tariffs or net metering?

Germany works with feed-in or own consumption, which means that the electricity produced has to be consumed by the household directly or stored.

Do you need some sort of sensor for each DER to connect it to XENON?

As of now, to ensure frictionless operation one gridBox is needed per household. However, it would also be feasible to connect DERs directly to our cloud infrastructure.

Is it possible to connect batteries of different/custom makes with the gridBox?

Yes, we currently support 40 manufacturers. You can find a list of all supported OEMs here.

Do you already have a B2B-fleet solution in place in Germany?

Our solution for emobility provides load management for commercial sites and can also integrate further DERs to reduce peak loads, increase self-sufficiency and lower electricity costs. This allows for the installation of more charging points on the existing infrastructure without running the risk of overloads.

How do I connect a device such as a solar inverter with the gridBox?

The gridBox is connected to the local network via an ethernet cable. During setup, it scans the network for controllable DERs and connects to them.

How can I get a device to be compatible with the XENON platform?

In general, we can connect to any DER that provides a third-party interface. However, to meet customer demands as quickly as possible we prioritize our development roadmap in response to requests.

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