Taking charging to the next level

XENON charge - dynamic load management

Smart load management
for the next era of mobility
The next era of mobility is electric - redefining the requirements for infrastructure. XENON charge reduces costs, pressure on the grid and carbon emissions.
Benefit from
smart charging
Lower grid tariffs
Grid tariffs depend on your peak load. XENON charge shaves peaks. You save money. Every year.
Lower investment
Don't waste money on an extension of your grid connection. With XENON charge you won't need it.
No overloads
The dynamic load management runs locally and in realtime so there won't be any overloads.
Flexibly extendible
Extend XENON charge with more charging stations or other DERs such as PV systems or batteries.
The 2000 case for dynamic load management
Dynamic load management yields significant savings. Reduce upfront and recurring costs by shaving peak loads. Save upfront on the expensive extension of your grid connection point. Save annually on lower grid tariffs because of reduced peaks. The annual savings in grid tariffs can amount up to €2000 per charging point.
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The all-in-one solution for smart charging
There is countless reasons why you might be planning to operate charging infrastructure. XENON charge suits any purpose. Assign charging priorities. Reduce load peaks. Avoid outages. Monitor usage. Save costs. Save the environment.
XENON charge in action

XENON charge is used by customers across industries and use cases. Learn what challenges they faced, why they chose XENON and how they have benefitted since.

Sustainable delivery

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Smart parking. Smart charging.

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The self-sufficient office

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Get started in no time.
Don't spend your time waiting.
XENON charge comes ready out of the box.

It's a kind of magic

The setup wizard automatically detects all DERs in your network, connects to them, and it's running.
Truly dynamic load manage-ment
Not static. Not sort of dynamic. Truly dynamic. XENON charge considers the total load on your grid connection point and adjusts charging loads in real time.

No network, no problem

Networks can be unreliable and unstable. Luckily, XENON charge can run locally for up to ten days.
Plug and Play
Mix and Match
XENON charge is as flexible as you and manufacturer independent. Add a PV system, a battery, more charging points. You name it.
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The right priorities
Some things are more urgent than others. That's why XENON charge lets you prioritize charging points and configure charging strategies.
Manage charging
The EV Suite
The EV suite is the user interface of XENON charge. See live system information. Adjust settings. Prioritize charge points. All in one place.
Charging has never been this easy.
Easy access
Search for anything. Find customers quickly or save individual customers to favorites for quicker access.
Comprehensive overview
Stay on top. See the current status of all systems. Configure custom KPIs to monitor in the home view.
Instant notifications
Set your own notification triggers. Get notified instantly via text, e-mail or directly in app.

Which plan is yours?

Every use case is different. Choose the plan that fits yours. From the essentials to a fully-fledged white label solution.


The essentials
Operate charging infrastructure on your own premises.


Complement your offer
Complement your product offering with XENON charge.


Make it yours
Get XENON charge in your own corporate design.

Static or dynamic?

Choose between dynamic charging and static charging.
Overload Protection
VIP charging
Prioritize individual charge points to charge with maxmxiumum load
Custom charging strategies
Define charging strategies to govern the charging process.
Manage charging points in clusters to avoid overloads in individual curcuits.
Phase-exact optimization
Robust to network outages
Manufacturer independent
Remote updates
Peak shaving
Holistic balancing
Balance loads considering the entire load on the grid connection point.
Optimal usage of grid connection
Make complete use of capacity of the grid connection.
Full support
Limited support
Not supported

Want the full experience?

Add the EV Suite to your plan to get access to all monitoring, analysis and management features.
EV Suite
Live monitoring
Parametrize system and site-specific data
CPO functionalities
Functionalities to operate charge points
Integrate DERs
Integrate further distributed energy resources such as PV systems.
Multi user functionality
Define different roles for different users so everyone sees what's relevant to them.
Supports time-of-use tariffs
VNB integration (14a§: redispatch)
Flexibility trading
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