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gridX’s Development Team consists of experts in software engineering, cloud computing, software operations, energy management, data analysis and embedded systems, who are responsible for all the software behind our XENON energy platform.

We develop and run the software on a large fleet of gridBoxes in the field, as well as on servers and various cloud services. We believe in small teams that can work autonomously and quickly, while also maximizing security and quality. We are split into four teams that each manage individual parts of the platform and are responsible for their own software.

The frontend team works on dashboards and mobile apps that allow our customers to interact with the platform and solutions built around it.

Our backend team focuses on building the reliable and highly scalable backend systems that power XENON.

The gridBox & EMS team takes care of all software running on the gridBox that connects the platform to DERs in the field and allows us to optimize energy usage.

Finally, our DevOps team provides a reliable base infrastructure to build on, offering tools and services to help other teams to do their job more efficiently.

gridX uses modern technology to develop new greenfield solutions and make existing processes more efficient. Our Stack includes modern programming languages and tools such as Golang, Docker and Kubernetes to guarantee high satisfaction for both the team and our clients. 
“At gridX we use modern technology to enable companies to build the next generation of sustainable energy products. You can apply your technical knowledge to accelerate the energy transition and impact how people use energy in the future.”
Joel Hermanns, CTO

Meet the team –
meet Emeline!

Engineer, energy specialist and advocate for teamwork and open-mindedness: we uncover what drew Emeline to the tech industry, and, in particular, to her current role at gridX.

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