May 3, 2021
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Meet the crew: Emeline Georges

Engineer, energy specialist and advocate for teamwork and open-mindedness: we uncover what drew Emeline to the tech industry, and, in particular, to her current role at gridX.

From research to practice

After completing a master’s degree in energy systems I did my PhD at the University of Liege in Belgium, focusing on demand side management strategies in the heating sector. I was then able to leverage this research in my role as R&D engineer at John Cockerill, a mechanical engineering company headquartered in Belgium. There, I led the development of the energy management system for a renewable microgrid pilot plant.

Pursuing her passion

Ultimately, I wanted to contribute to the exciting possibilities created by the interconnection of distributed energy resources in the context of the renewable energy transition. The scale and intensity of digitalization in the energy sector naturally directed me towards joining a tech company. When looking for a dynamic, innovative and agile company in the field of distributed energy resources, gridX immediately stood out.

Emeline Energy management specialist

Making a difference

My official title at gridX is Energy Management Specialist. In practice, this encompasses a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. My focus lies on our XENON energy solution, which provides energy management in any context from a single household to entire districts. I am involved in every step of the process from understanding user needs to translating them into control algorithms, simulating and testing systems, and finally the release. In addition, I lead the development of our DER API. The API provides third parties access to our XENON platform and enables them to build their own solutions on XENON.

Favorite part of the job

At gridX, we are united in the ideology to GET-SHIT-DONE! This means focusing on what helps us to move forward efficiently without wasting time. We put team results first and focus on strong collaboration. The team is passionate, honest and open-minded - we acknowledge everyone’s contributions and achievements, and strive to constantly improve both our product and work processes. This allows us to achieve great results together.  

Imparting some wisdom

I would like to dispel the myth that you need to be a nerd to be successful in tech. I don’t consider myself a nerd and certainly don’t have nerdy hobbies. Rather, you need to be willing to learn. In my experience, tech companies are very open to empower people regardless of gender or age, as long as you’re competent in your role. You may not excel in all areas, but by acknowledging your weaknesses, you will find ways, either by yourself or with the help of others, to turn them into strengths.

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