July 21, 2021
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Meet the crew: Rania Zoghlami

From studying in Tunisia to working for a scaleup in the energy sector in Germany, we share how Rania adjusted to a new industry and culture in the midst of a pandemic. 

From Tunisia to Germany

I studied industrial IT and automation at the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology of Tunisia (INSAT). My Master’s graduation project was carried out within a German automotive company where I worked as a software engineer in the field of engine calibration and developed software tools for related engine optimization algorithms. At my university, we believe that international experiences allow us to grow to become a better version of ourselves. We challenge ourselves to join fast growing companies and share our experiences with the next generations. I worked for various tech companies in Tunisia until the day I decided to go for an international experience.

The lucky color

After successfully completing my master’s degree, I asked myself the famous question: what am I going to do now? Because it was in the middle of the Corona crisis I thought my chances of receiving a job offer would be reduced. I remember the day I was on LinkedIn searching for offers at tech companies and somehow gridX, a fast growing energy management company, stood out. My first impression was the color, as this is my favorite color and sign of good luck, and I said “this is it!”. Now, I can say I’m fortunate enough to be part of such a great company. 

Rania Software Engineer

A bright future

I joined gridX as a software engineer supporting the gridBox team with the code architecture. I have various responsibilities related to the energy management code base supporting energy optimization algorithms. I also have the opportunity to work on the integration of various distributed energy resources. When it comes to starting a career path, I think people should look first for future career possibilities. gridX is my first experience in an energy management company and I decided to change my career orientation as I can imagine gridX shining in the future. The future doesn’t look so bright for companies that are not initiating a change and creating a positive impact. 

An inclusive and collaborative working culture

What makes gridX unique from my point of view is the team collaboration. When a company cares about their employees' wellbeing, employees are more likely to be satisfied with their work and more productive. The support I receive from all team members related to both professional and private life makes me forget about traveling from one country to another.

I find that the gridX culture is the key to the company's success. gridX offers a very international team with multiple cultures, lifestyles and languages, which makes the team environment more exciting. You always want to hear about your colleagues’ experiences and learn from their career path challenges and success stories. At gridX, I feel like I am challenging myself, my knowledge and personal skills everyday. I get up and start working, motivated to learn and add impact through my work. 

Always open to learn

Everything today is accelerated by tech and there are lots of opportunities. My advice to others would be to only compare yourself to you and to find a company that values diversity. The truth is, only you limit what you are capable of. We all learn everyday and it is ok to feel uncomfortable, the key is how to work on yourself in order to reach your goal. If you focus on your strengths and prove that you are open to learning, no one can refuse you a seat.

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