Smart parking. Smart charging.

Upon electrifying its fleet, Bielefeld-based construction company, Goldbeck, realized the EV charging stations would exceed their grid capacity. XENON overcame this issue with an energy management system that enables smart charging.

Use case


Modules used
"XENON gives us a comprehensive overview of our energy consumption. This enabled me to analyze the charging behavior and adjust our maximum peak load directly in the EV Suite."
Dirk Jaletzky
Head of Electrical Engineering at Goldbeck

Goldbeck builds future-oriented commercial properties in Europe, taking care of the entire process from design to construction and operational services. In Germany, Goldbeck is the market leader for parking garages, which are often equipped with PV systems. At a site in Hirschberg, the company realized that the load of additional EV charging stations would exceed the grid connection point's capacity of 345 kW.

To avoid expensive grid extensions and compromising the charging capacity of the electric vehicles, Goldbeck opted for gridX's XENON platform. This gave them control over their energy flows and allowed them to adjust maximum peak loads according to changing requirements. High-resolution energy monitoring data allowed Goldbeck to analyze load curves and adjust charging behavior to make the loads more constant. This enabled them to lower grid tariffs without affecting user comfort.

Because many of Goldbeck's parking garages also feature PV systems, the ability to couple control and integrate energy assets is an important factor. This allows them to optimize smart charging during peak hours of sunlight and, in doing so, ensure that their garages offer the highest level of sustainability and user convenience.

Grid extension avoided
More charging stations were fitted without costly grid expansions.
Energy monitoring
Historical views inform future charging behavior.
Solar charging
PV and EV were connected to optimize energy flows.

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