The self-sufficient office
Gatter 3's headquarter leads the way when it comes to sustainable energy. XENON energy by gridX integrates a PV system, fuel cell, heat pump, smart poles and charging stations into a wholistic energy management system.

Self-sufficient headquarter

The Gatter3 group in Holzwickede (Germany) showcases how self-generated clean energy can beused for electricity and heat right at the source. Thus, a complicated and expensive expansion of thegrid connection point can be avoided and, above all, energy consumptions and grid tariffs can be reduced. In the gatter3 project, the existing PV system, fuel cell, heat pump, battery storage, intelli-gent street light and charging stations were connected to control energy flows intelligently. One of the biggest challenges of the project was the integration of different energy producers and consumers from different manufacturers. gridX also integrated the heating system into the energy management system, to ensure a cross-sector optimization.

Dynamic peak load management by gridX

gridX offers a holistic energy management system that meets the requirements and demands of Gatter3. For Gatter3 the project marks the start of the intelligent interconnection of all energysources, consumers and storages. In summary, gridX energy management system allowed Gatter3 to shave peaks, shift loads, and thus cut grid tariffs drastically. The additional integration of theheating system allows further cost savings without comprising any comfort.gridX solution allowed Gatter3 to operate a state of the art energy infrastructure on the existingenergy infrastructure – and thus forego a costly grid connection expansion. gridX entailed savingson three ends: grid expansion costs, grid tariffs and energy costs.

We are already achieving a degree of self-sufficiency of up to 100% at our location in Holzwickede and we are recording energy savings of up to 100,000 kWh per year.

Metin Duman

CEO Gatter3-Group

Gatter3 is a system service provider for the energy industry – from technical implementation and communicative handling to project management and system data management.
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