Multi-Energy Optimizer

Create entire smart districts

Use cascaded energy management and load balancing to optimize energy within and between districts in residential, commercial or industrial areas.


Full transparency

Receive a comprehensive overview of all devices and entities in the energy system.

Increased acceptance

Achieve high uptake and acceptance among end users.

Endless possibilities

Integrate any number of devices into your energy management system.

Intuitive mapping

Group and cluster devices

Map complex grid topologies (home and district) with multiple gateways in one simple interface.

Cascaded energy management

Many groups. One holistic system.

Integrate multiple smaller entities such as neighboring households into one energy management system.


Use flexibility within the system.

Allow operators to control assets for load balancing and enhance energy self-sufficiency.

In practice

Self-sufficient smart districts

Launched in 2020, SmartQuart aimed to make fossil fuels redundant across three smart districts.
34% reduction in maximum power feedin
during Bedburg simulations
Use Case
Smart district

Start building

With XENON you can build any application using energy appliances – from home energy management to a full-fledged VPP.

Energy Community

Enable energy trading within a user group
Energy Community

Web App

Give users full control and transparency over their energy
Web App