Energy Community

Establish prosumer communities

Manage energy communities in residential, commercial or industrial use cases, match demand and supply locally, and enable P2P energy trading.


Reduced emissions

Save a significant amount of CO2 by intelligently sharing clean energy amongst the community.

Increased acceptance

Enable community members to enjoy a transparent and local supply of energy.

Improved stability

Self-sufficient grid sections promote grid stability and energy flexibility.

P2P trading

Enable members to trade excess energy.

Create a market for community members to sell and buy energy to or from other community members.

Automated processes

Don't get stuck in manual processes.

Rely on automated digital processes for energy billing, maintenance and customer support.

Flexibility incentives

Reward members for their flexibility.

Incentivize community members to integrate flexibility and encourage holistic smart energy management.

Start building

With XENON you can build any application using energy appliances – from home energy management to a full-fledged VPP.

Web App

Give users full control and transparency over their energy
Web App

Energy Optimizer

Reduce operating costs and emissions
Energy Optimizer