Integration – EV Chargers

One platform for all EV chargers

XENON supports monitoring and controlling of EV chargers. Charge when electricity is cheap, avoid overloads and maximize self-consumption.


Gain full control over your chargers.


Get the charger's manufaturer, firmware version and other data.


Start and stop the charger and set its load or create charging schedules.


Get the charger's current status and charge rate.


Get detailed information on errors.

Supported OEMS

Work with your favorite OEMs

XENON currently supports wallboxes and AC chargers by XY manufacturers – with more integrations being added every month.


Charge smarter. greener. cheaper.


Tie charging to the availability of local PV power with our Energy Optimizer.

Time of use

Charge when electricity is cheapest with our Tariff Timer.

Peak shaving

Reduce high peaks to avoid expensive grid fees by using our Peak Shaver.

Overload protection

Enjoy 24/7 protection against overloads with our Grid Protector.

HEMS Report

Get started.

Download our report on Interoperability or book a demo to learn everything on smart charging with XENON.