HEMS: Evolution and how to win the race

As heating, mobility and electricity become increasingly intertwined, the home is becoming the energy hub of the future.

Executive summary

The home is the energy hub of the future


BEV registrations and the number of heat pumps, batteries and PV systems are skyrocketing with three digit annual growth rates.


Heat, mobility and electricity all come together in a household - savings brought about by optimization are becoming increasingly larger.


Energy providers as well as hardware manufacturers and service providers from mobility, electricity and heat are pushing into the market.


When it comes to distribution channels, service and product offerings companies have divergent approaches.


HEMS give you a foot in the door by forming the basis of many future use cases – dynamic energy prices, energy communities or a VPP, to name a few.


New BEV registrations in Europe in thousands by year

EV registrations grow exponentially in Europe

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have experienced an unprecedented rise in popularity in Europe, going from around 57,000 new registrations in 2015 to 721,000 in 2020 – a growth of 1,164%.

New heat pump installations in Europe in millions by year

Heating turns electric

Heating is also being electrified in a bid to reduce emissions. As a result, the sale of heat pumps has grown from 893,000 in 2015 to 1,620,000 in 2020 in Europe – a growth of 81%.

New solar PV capacity in Europe in GW by year

Electricity is coming home

While new solar PV capacity saw a dip towards the middle of the last decade, it has recovered over the past two years and is set to surpass its all time high of around 21 GW in 2011 in the coming years.

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