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We are on a mission to innovate an outdated industry and enable companies across the value chain to scale clean energy projects. We want XENON to become the standard energy management platform for the energy industry, or the AWS for energy. Achieving this goal all starts with the right people.
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We are looking for people that have an intrinsic motivation to drive change.
David, Co-Founder


Do stuff that matters.

When looking for new team members, most companies look primarily at the candidate's university qualifications and number of years' relevant experience. To work at gridX, we look for something a little different. Our number one priority is to build a team of passionate individuals who are driven to make change – to get their hands dirty, come up with ideas, and work with their team members to have the greatest impact possible.


Grow with us!

As we grow, we want to maintain our agile working environment and family-like culture that makes people look forward to coming to work each day. To feel inspired about the impact of their work, have the freedom to try new things, to learn from like-minded team members and of course enjoy having a beer with colleagues at the end of the day. Each new joiner adds a little bit of the magic sauce that we think makes the work at gridX exciting and rewarding.
Hire for character, train for skill.
Andy, Co-Founder
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We currently have more than 25 job openings. Surely, there is one for you.