Sector Coupling

To reach climate goals transport and heating will have to be intertwined with electricity. Learn about the challenges and implications of this transformation.
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Do you use blockchain technology in your platform?

We have tested to use of blockchain technology and think it can enable certain use cases. However, for most of our solutions as of today, alternatives are used.

Does the gridBox work independently from a smart meter gateway?

The gridBox connects to a smart meter to monitor loads from devices that are not directly connected to the gridBox.

Which protocols does your platform support?

We support devices from more than 25 different manufacturers. The supported protocols include among others Modbus (TCP, RTU, ASCII), HTTP REST (JSON) as well as proprietary protocols such as KeContact by Keba or lg2lan by innogy.

How can utility companies make use of your platform?

There are different option, from using pre-defined modules to build a product to using our DER API to develop your own custom application. So the partnership depends on the use case, the technical setup and architecture and your individual strategy. Best you reach out to us and we find a way that fits.

Is your solution integrable with heatpumps, wallboxes etc. of any brand?

Yes, our platform provides a manufacturer independent abstraction layer for any sort of distributed energy resources (DERs). So when building an application you do not have to worry about the exact implementation or protocol of a device but can jump straight to the logic.

What are the prerequisites to integrate a device with the XENON platform?

Most distributed energy resources can be integrated with XENON provided they offer an interface for third parties. Most modern devices provide such an interface.

Does every distributed energy resource (DER) require its own smart meter?

No, we usually work with one smart meter per grid connection point. So whether we equip a charging park or a private household only one meter is needed.

Do you offer your own electricity tariff?

No, we are a technology provider and do not have any touchpoints with the end customer.

How does your solution fit in with the German metering landscape?

As the requirements of the future hard- and software are not decided yet by federal government bodies, we are still assessing the options what our technical architecture the different use cases will look like. As of today we are working on several pilot projects to test different alternatives.

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