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Every year 1 in 10 households switches their energy provider as utilities fail to build customer loyalty. Digital products provide utilities a new touchpoint with their customers to build strong and lasting relationships. Learn about how you can offer your own digital products and drive loyalty with gridX in no time.
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How do you adjust the charging process to the user's mobility needs?

Only a limited number of wallboxes and EVs communicate the current state of charge. Therefore, our solution offers users the possibility to input the desired additional range rather than a total range.

To what extent does the Energy Management System increase self-sufficiency?

There is no generally applicable figure. In a simulation with real data, however, we found that a single household can increase its self-sufficiency to 80% by installing a PV system and a battery. Another 7% can be added by employing a forecast-based energy management system.

What billing services do you provide?

We offer a load management system. Therefore, we do not plan to offer billing services for use cases in public ourself. We do, however, offer authentication via RFID and can be integrated with third party systems for billing. In private use cases billing is supported via the meter.

Can private wallboxes be offered for public charging?

While this is an interesting use case we currently do not support this as there are a lot of open points regarding the regulatory requirements.

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