Die Energiepläne der Ampel

Germanys new government has ambitious plans. What do they entail for the energy sector?
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Could a government fund with guaranteed interest accelerate the expansion of renewables?

All ideas have to be on the table, but we personally think that the (auctioned) feed-in tariff as well as the self-consumption incentive is the right support vehicle, as it aims to generate a lot of kWh in the long term.

How can digitalization also be promoted among grid operators, who still have a lot of catching up to do in this area?

We think it is very important that a comprehensive reform of incentive regulation is tackled very quickly in order to promote digitalization, among other things.

Do distribution network operators need data at the household level or is the transformer level sufficient?

We think that grid operators also need the entire data, at least from individual reference customers, in order to make sufficient forecasts about load and feed-in patterns, since EVs, heat pumps, batteries, etc. mean that consumption no longer follows a simple pattern.

What role will peer-to-peer trading play in the energy transition? What framework is needed for this?

In our view, energy communities and peer-to-peer trading are a good way to increase acceptance of the energy transition and create local incentives to invest in renewable energies. Properly designed, energy communities also relieve the grid. EU law already requires implementation in national legislation, which is still pending in Germany. Other European countries such as Austria are ahead on this.

How can the necessary flexibility for 80% renewables be built up?

This is a very complex topic, but with EVs, heat pumps, and batteries, a very large amount of new flexibility is already coming into the system, and ways must be found to use it. Technically, this is already possible today.

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