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Some things have to work smoothly for any organization
to succeed. The Operations Department ensures employees are happy , our company messages reach maximum impact and that the fridge is always stocked with beer - and everything in between.

We have fostered a self-sufficient team with a wide array of skills to deliver quick and quality results.

The human resources team takes care of all matters related to recruiting and employee happiness.

Our PR, marketing and communication specialists increase awareness and drive inbound requests with well-crafted communication and targeted community building.

Our experts in finance and accounting crunch the numbers to maximize business success.

Supply chain management ensures that there are no weak links in our supply chains, from our partners to our warehouses.

Finally, Office management keeps everything in both our virtual and physical offices running seamlessly.
"When hiring new colleagues into the team, I want to see the passion for our products and solutions. The ideal candidate is motivated to join us in our mission to disrupt the energy sector."
Carolin Chmielewski, Talent Acquisition Manager

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Are you a smooth operator with a wide skillset? Then check out the variety of open roles in our Operations Team and help our organization flourish.