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They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but, really, the Growth Team is all about growth. We aim to find and close new customers for our XENON platform across selected markets and regions and cultivate long-term partnerships centered around the customer's needs.

The team is also responsible for mastering the onboarding process and optimizing customer lifetime value. Through a refined sales strategy our growth experts aim to land and expand accounts and consistently improve by looping back market learnings into future product development and go-to-market strategies.Business Development Managers (BDM) define and win initial customers for completely new use cases.  Business Development Representatives (BDRs)analyze target regions, map the account landscape, identify and qualify leads, and act as the first touchpoint for potential clients or partners. Account Executives (AEs)enhance customer traction by building up strong relationships, facilitating seamless contract negotiations and closing deals.

Solution Engineers (SEs) consult potential customers during the product definition phase based on existing XENON modules. They coordinate the internal resources to implement the customer's product. Technical Project Managers (TPMs)take care of technical implementation and foster strong partnerships across longer-term projects like districts or strategical relevant R&D projects. Customer Success (CS)team ensures that we consistently deliver excellent results, maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and proactively discover new areas of collaboration potential.
Customer Support team resolves technical issues, and supports on-site and remote customer onboarding with technical coaching sessions and commissioning support.
"Our growth team is perfectly aligned with the customer lifecycle to optimize customer support and satisfaction at every step. I aim to build the most successful B2B-focused growth team in the energy sector to exponentially accelerate gridX’s global growth."
Tim Steinmetz, Chief Growth Officer

Meet Marlon
Business Development Representative

Marlon is a Business Development Representative at gridX. He acts as the first touchpoint for potential clients and partners and also makes sure he always has a good first touch on the football field.

Meet Nico
Account Executive

Nico is a Senior Account Executive at gridX. He loves building relationships with clients and solving problems - both at work and when playing Doppelkopf.

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Grow our business and your own career by applying for a position in our Growth Team. You could be overcoming challenges and enjoying an after work beer with your new colleague Nico in no time.