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What we do

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but, really, the Growth Team is all about growth. We own all in-person customer interactions.

Our Business Development Representatives (BDRs) qualify leads and kick off discussions with prospects.

The Account Executives (AEs) handle contract negotiations and close the deals.

The Technical Project Managers (TPMs) then handle the implementation.

Lastly, our Customer Success Managers (CS) ensure existing customers do not regret choosing gridX.

Meet the team –
meet Nico!

Nico is a Senior Account Executive at gridX. He loves building relationships with clients and solving problems - both at work and when playing Doppelkopf.

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Grow our business and your own career by applying for a position in our Growth Team. You could be overcoming challenges and enjoying an after work beer with your new colleague Nico in no time.