Turn districts into smart districts

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Cost minimising

Minimise operational expenses


Monitor all energy flows

CO₂ efficient

Minimise your carbon footprint

For a single district

Connect all energy resources, consumers and storage in a district behind one grid connection point.

…or multiple districts

Connect multiple districts for the most cost-effective, eco-friendly and grid stabilising energy usage.

Tap into unused potential

Renewable energies cause energy supply to be more and more decentralised. This creates potential for optimisation that is not exploited thus far. gridX uses this potential for cost-effective and eco-friendly energy supply.

Connecting districts

The gridBox is installed onsite as a gateway to the Xenon platform connecting all batteries, energy producers and consumers in the district to facilitate an efficient use of energy.

Minimum costs.
Minimum carbon footprint.

gridX Microgrids optimises energy flows across all households in the district considering external factors such as weather forecasts to maximise self-sufficiency. This reduces not only costs but also the carbon footprint.

Support for all common interfaces

gridX already supports the most common inverters, meters and electric vehicle chargers and new protocols are added every month.

Get ahead

gridX Microgrids offers all functionalities and interfaces to market unused capacity and further reduce costs.

Smart Quart: gridX Microgrids in practice

gridX is part of the Reallabor project of the German ministry of economics. Within this project three smart districts are developed.

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