Build custom digital energy solutions

Connect, monitor and controll distributed energy resources from more than 45 different manufacturers with our IoT-Platform XENON.
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Focus on what's important

Save thousands of developer hours

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Launch your product in no time

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Stay at the forefront of innovation

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Scale products, add customer value

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Built for any use case

From home energy management to smart grid operations, energy trading to eMobility, XENON is the platform for companies paving the way to the new energy era.

Xenon platform

The interface to the decentralized energy world


Our platform provides a standardized interface to distributed energy resources. It connects to devices from more than 43 OEMs – either via an IoT gateway or through the cloud.

Distributed Energy Resources

DERs are a range of devices that produce, consume and store energy. These range from EV chargers to solar panels to heat pumps.


Use our pre-built modules to get ahead

Modules are pre-built components that you can combine in any way to build a tailor-made digital energy management application quicker than ever.
Only pay for what you need and enjoy near-universal compatibility to cover a huge variety of use cases – without any development resources.


Concentrate on the logic – not the infrastructure

Use our API to build energy management applications from scratch and implement your own custom logic.


The API is well documented and provides clear and consistent data structures.


All endpoints adhere to REST principles, making integration quick and seamless.
XENON code snippet


Do stuff that matters.

Our solutions save more than 30t in carbon emissions per employee, every year. That's more than you'd save by going vegan, ditching your car and switching to a green energy supplier – combined.
And while it's great to know your work has true impact, doing so with a great team, flexible working policies and competitive salary is even better.