Axel Springer

Electric vehicle charging at work

Axel Springer, the publishing house behind numerous publications including Bild, Die Welt and Business Insider, has entered the next era of mobility by electrifying its fleet. The next challenge was ensuring efficient electric vehicle charging at work.

Use case


Modules used
"The collaboration with gridX was professional and results driven from the first technical discussions about the load management to the actual installation, the commissioning and eventually the operation of the charging infrastructure."
Lutz Seidenberg
Corporate Technical Management at Axel Springer Services & Real Estate

In the process of electrifying their fleet and entering the next stage of green mobility, Axel Springer SE realized the importance of efficient EV charging to ensure convenience for their employees. They chose XENON to intelligently manage loads and minimize peak loads. By integrating all EV charging stations, the XENON-based solution ensures that the capacity of the grid connection point is not exceeded at any time.

Lower costs, higher convenience

Installing 34 charging stations around the headquarters presented a problem for the limited capacity of the grid connection. With our XENON platform and Grid Protector module, the entire load is monitored in real time and the load assigned to each charging station is adjusted accordingly. This spared Axel Springer the high costs of a grid expansion and also facilitated lower ongoing grid tariff charges due to a reduction in peak loads.

By being able to prioritize charging processes, employees guests and customers at Axel Springer also benefitted from enhanced convenience. Individual charging stations can be prioritized to account for the different mobility needs. This means that the distribution of charging power takes desired range or departure times into account – for example, if an employee with low range stops by the office for an hour, their car can be prioritized over an employee, who is at the office for the entire day.

Because the XENON platform is manufacturer independent and extendible, Axel Springer is able to easily expand its infrastructure with any type of charging stations in the future without having to deal with any increased complexity.

Added convenience
Prioritize charging needs based on individual needs.
Reduced costs
Grid extensions avoided and ongoing grid fees reduced.
Modular achitecture allows extra integrations or extensions in the future.

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