Smart Commercial

Cut your energy bill with gridX

Made for: supermarkets | SMEs | manufacturing industry

In order to remain competitive and contribute to a sustainable future, energy consumption and energy costs must be reduced. With Smart Commercial, we offer a holistic energy monitoring and management for all companies in industry and commerce that generate their own electricity via a photovoltaic system or a CHP.

Energy Monitoring
Gain detailed insights on energy consumption and production of all energy devices including heating and cooling systems.

Energy Management
Control and manage your energy system as a whole to optimize energy consumption, increase self-consumption and avoid peak loads by shifting demand.

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance
Visualize the energy flows in real-time, view them on the manage dashboard and have errors and anomalies in the energy system automatically alerted to you for rapid intervention.

Open for third-party manufacturers and interfaces, integration of all energy devices such as PV, batteries, heat pumps, CHP, …


Reduce your energy cost

Prevent peak loads through optimized energy management such as demand brought forward.

Keep an eye on your energy consumption

Make your energy consumption more transparent through comprehensive energy monitoring and identify which devices consume the most energy.

Cross-sector optimization

Holistic management of the energy system, taking into account heating, cooling, and electricity, in order to achieve the best interplay between the various sectors.

Flexible and scalable expansion

Manufacturer-independent integration of energy devices such as PV, batteries, heat pumps, fuel cells, CHPs and charging stations and expansion with other gridX solutions

Participate actively in the energy transition

Track your CO2-savings via the dashboard and share them with your customers and partners. Show them how much you contribute to a greener future.

Learn how to make the most of your energy with gridX

High energy costs threaten to spoil business in the coming years. It is increasingly important to plan your future energy supply in advance to optimize energy consumption and integrate all decentral energy devices. A holistic energy management system is the logical solution. Contact us, to learn more about our comprehensive distributed energy resource management system and how it can help your company make the most of its energy.

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