August 27, 2021
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Meet the crew: Nanina Neumann-Klenke

Florist, marketing specialist in the sports and publishing industries, executive assistant and HR manager: beyond her incredible versatility, Nanina tells us how she came to the energy industry and about the many roles she fills at gridX.

When friends become colleagues 

I worked as a florist and then graduated with a university entrance qualification in design to study media and marketing. After finishing my studies, I worked in marketing in the sports sector for over a year and then entered the publishing industry. After almost two years, I was looking for a new challenge when a friend told me about gridX and asked me if I wanted to apply. She was already working there and was looking for support while she was on parental leave. I was a little unsure, as the energy industry was totally foreign to me. But after first getting to know potential colleagues and the company culture, I quickly decided to make the move to gridX. 

A diverse and flexible role

Professional development, versatility in the job and the team are my top priorities. I started at gridX as an office manager in October 2018, which involved social media and accounting tasks. I have now been an executive assistant for a year – a diverse role with many responsibilities that are always changing. Currently, I am also responsible for onboarding. I make sure that new employees feel comfortable when they start at gridX and that everything runs smoothly. I never get bored, and I'm currently doing a distance learning course to become a human resources manager. With all the flexibility of my roles, I especially appreciate the freedom to work and make decisions independently, as well as the high level of trust we are given at gridX. 

Nanina Executive Assistant gridX

Equal treatment for all 

When I started at gridX, the team was quite small and male-dominated, as is common in the industry. Yet we have an unbelievable diversity of characters working with us – across the board. At gridX, no distinction is made between women and men, young and old, or anyone’s background. Everyone is treated the same, and I think that's great.  

Crazy yet kind-hearted

My highlights at gridX are the team events. Despite Corona, we had a great virtual Christmas party that really strengthened our team spirit. Since I ski and also coach at a youth club, there was a very special surprise for me during the virtual Christmas party: special guest and German skiing legend Felix Neureuther visited us virtually and talked about his career, as well as his incentive to live sustainably and energy efficiently. I was completely speechless.

The atmosphere at gridX is like an extended family – a bit crazy but very kind-hearted. I joined gridX when we were still a small team, but we have maintained our culture despite strong growth: flat hierarchies, short decision-making routes, open communication. I think it's great that I always find open ears and that you can talk about anything. 

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