September 8, 2021
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Meet the crew: Dominik Ganswohl

Dominik joined gridX four years ago because of the market potential and the opportunity to actively help build the company. Today, he still firmly believes that gridX has a thrilling journey ahead.

Finding the right niche

Entrepreneurship has always excited me. I have done internships in different companies and industries since I was 16 years old. After college in 2015, I wanted to dive into the clean tech field. Inspired by Elon Musk, I started working at a battery manufacturer in Berlin, where the former Germany CEO of Tesla worked. That's how my love for energy, tech and sustainability started.

When I think back to why I chose to work at gridX in May 2017, it was because of the founding team, the exciting market that was undergoing a lot of change and had a lot of potential, and the opportunity to actively help build a company.

Constant growth and development

Dominik Account Executive gridX

I have a hybrid role within the Growth team at gridX. As the team lead of the Business Development Representatives (BDR), I am responsible for building and enabling a group of specialists in the distributed energy market, who are also the best XENON platform consultants. The goal here is to create and evaluate new business opportunities with new enterprise customers. 

On the other hand, as a Senior Account Executive, I take care of building new partnerships with leading enterprise customers. In essence, I support these companies to launch new first-class energy products in Germany, Europe and the world.

The gridX difference

Even though I've been at gridX since 2017, I can still vividly picture day one...we are more motivated than ever and I truly believe the best is yet to come. Everyone is very diligent and we are constantly challenging the status quo. Our corporate identity focuses on sustainability, customer centricity and cutting-edge technology, which are also priorities for me. 

In addition, my colleagues are world class! It feels like one big family. We all have the same get-shit-done mentality, and the team has a lot of expertise and know-how to make sure we not only get the job done quickly but also to a high level of quality. 

Closer from afar

Although it was of course a shame not seeing colleagues in the office on a daily basis, I never had a problem working from home during the pandemic. For me, customer interaction has actually increased as long-established companies have become more digitized.

Since we develop many solutions on our platform in collaboration with our customers, it is important to maintain close communication with them. New digital ways of working ensure that our customers always get the support they need, irrespective of distance or travel constraints. 

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