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gridX, Rabot Charge and Wegatech take action while others still hesitate

First customer sees triple benefit from energy optimization, dynamic tariffs and reduced grid charges in accordance with §14a

  • Joint project between gridX, Rabot Charge and Wegatech combines energy management and tariff provision in an integrated end customer solution to enable cost reductions for a household.
  • Reduced grid fees in accordance with §14a included in an end customer's electricity bill for the first time.
  • Residual household energy costs lowered by 50 percent per year, compared to non-optimized solar generation.

Munich, 14 May 2024 – At the end of 2023, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) announced its provisions on §14a of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG). A joint project by gridX, Europe's leading smart energy company, Rabot Charge, an innovative green energy provider, and Wegatech, one of the leading providers of renewable energy solutions for private households and businesses, shows that distribution system operators (DSOs) dimming flexible energy assets in accordance with §14a can be highly beneficial on a household level. For the first time, the trio is presenting tangible findings on how §14a affects households: “Wegahome”, the smart energy manager based on gridX technology, combines convenience and financial savings for households. This is enabled by combining gridX’s smart gateway-based energy management system (EMS) with Rabot Charge’s dynamic electricity tariffs, innovative electricity procurement and billing. For the first time, this enables optimized grid-friendly controllability of energy-consuming assets and ‘actual’ billing of reduced grid charges for an end customer.

How a holistic end customer solution makes the difference

The mission of the three partners before the start of the project was clear: supplying energy to a private household at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, among other things, the reduced grid fees stipulated in §14a were to be realized and further savings unlocked by linking them to a dynamic tariff. For the joint project, the partners used the energy setup of a Wegatech customer – consisting of the smart energy manager “Wegahome”, a photovoltaic system, a battery storage unit and a wallbox. The smart EMS from gridX could already ensure the controllability of all energy systems on site. To do this, the installed IoT gateway receives relevant signals, translates them into specific protocols and forwards them to the respective system. If a dimming signal is sent by the DSO in the event of an emergency situation, the smart EMS can intelligently compensate for the power limitation using electricity from local solar production or on-site batteries. This means that the energy assets can continue to operate without restriction and the comfort of the residents is always maintained. Rabot Charge transparently shows the resulting grid fee reductions as a benefit on the customer's electricity bill and makes them available via the “Wegahome” app. In addition, gridX technology will, in the future, be able to clearly identify and document all signals sent by the DSO via the “Wegahome” app , for full transparency. 

Dynamic electricity tariff as a catalyst for additional savings

In the future, all Wegatech customers will also be able to use dynamic electricity tariffs thanks to the company’s cooperation with Rabot Charge and gridX. This is on top of the existing savings that result from self-sufficiency optimization from the EMS and  reduced grid fees, which together minimize electricity costs for customers. Rabot Charge enables households to benefit from fluctuating electricity prices by connecting consumption to day-ahead prices. In the future, intraday prices will also be taken into account to further increase the savings potential. gridX displays these signals, such as when electricity is cheap, via the “Wegahome” app and automatically ensures that as much electricity is consumed during these periods as possible. “Wegahome” is thus developing into a holistic control center for domestic energy supply. 

Household savings on the horizon

The project showed that a household could reduce electricity costs by more than €500 per year – depending on the specific energy setup. This is compared to a house with the same setup but without optimization. Reducing grid fees with a “behind-the-meter” control system compliant with §14a saves, depending on the region, an additional €150 per household – and up to €550 in certain setups. According to gridX, a household with the project-specific setup could likely reduce its annual energy costs by over 50 percent in future, from around €1,400 to €700 or less. The important findings from the project will now be integrated into Wegatech's range of services and will be available to all interested customers from fall onwards.

More information online: gridX.ai, wegatech.de or rabot-charge.de

((Photo 1: © gridX GmbH, Reprint free of charge; Image caption))

Taking action where others only talk about it: Together, gridX, Rabot Charge and Wegatech realize extensive cost reductions for households. In the picture, from left to right: Tim Steinmetz, Managing Director and Chief Growth Officer of gridX; Jan Rabe, CEO of Rabot Charge; Andreas Durth, CEO of Wegatech; Tobias Mitter, Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer of gridX 

((Photo 2: © gridX GmbH, Reprint free of charge; Image caption))

wegahome app informs about electricity bill

The household takes center stage: A joint project by gridX, Rabot Charge and Wegatech shows the concrete savings potential that lies in linking energy management, dynamic electricity prices and §14a compliance at a household level.

About Wegatech 

As one of the leading nationwide providers of PV systems, electricity storage systems, EV charging stations, and heat pumps, Wegatech plans and installs sustainable energy technology for private households – offering both individual and system solutions. Wegatech Greenergy GmbH was founded by Karl Dienst in Munich in 2010 to implement regional heat pump projects for private households. In 2016, the business model successfully transitioned into an online portal for renewable energies, which B2C and B2B customers can now utilize for implementing their own energy systems. Since 2011, Wegatech has completed over 4,000 projects – ranging from small single-family homes to CO2-neutral terraced housing estates and industrial buildings. Wegatech is headquartered in Cologne and employs over 200 people.

About Rabot Charge 

Rabot Charge is a German greentech company founded in 2021. As an independent provider of dynamic power tariffs, the company promotes the energy transition in households and businesses. With its AI-based optimization and market purchasing strategies, along with its 100% green energy offering, Rabot Charge enables ecological sustainability and cost optimization in home energy management. By passing on market purchase prices to customers, they can reduce their power bills by an average of 35%. The company's app, with the same name, enables the smart control and optimization of smart assets in households. The company's solutions, including intelligent charging solutions, contribute to increasing the share of green power in total power consumption. The proprietary technological infrastructure and software solution are also used by B2B partners such as energy providers and smart asset providers. The company's vision is to accelerate the energy transition together. With over 35,000 customers and approximately 60 employees at its three locations in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich, Rabot Charge continues to grow.

About gridX

gridX is Europe's leading smart energy company based in Aachen and Munich. With its IoT platform XENON, gridX enables manufacturer-independent monitoring and management of distributed energy resources. XENON allows partners to develop and scale energy management solutions faster than ever before. By partnering with gridX, Fastned is able to install more charging points at sites without the need for costly grid extensions, and the Viessmann Group is able to offer its customers intelligent and integrated home energy management systems.