August 31, 2021
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Smart charging for residential, commercial and industrial customers

gridx's holistic smart charging offering integrates your energy management to make your operations more intelligent and cost-effective. With dynamic load management, peak shaving and vehicle-to-grid / vehicle-to-home technologies, offering smart and sustainable solutions has never been easier.

Benefits of working with XENON

Innovation through collaboration

E.ON Drive and gridX have developed a long-lasting, collaborative partnership. It started with an initial pilot on EV charging dynamic load balancing and grew to a multi-feature platform allowing E.ON Drive to expand their product portfolio. 

With new features such as charging management by Artificial Intelligence, our solution is now rolled out to more than 11 European countries.

From OEM to full solution provider

XENON Home Energy Management Solutions (HEMS) to increase customer satisfaction and generate upselling opportunities.

Viessmann trusts XENON as the energy management platform for its home energy solutions.

In 2020, gridX enabled >25 M Euro in revenue.

Watch our gridSession on V2G / V2H

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