August 5, 2021
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Meet the crew: Thomas Eck

In almost three years at gridX Thomas has seen a lot of growth, both personally and across the entire company. Learn why gridX provides the perfect balance for him and how he helps to foster a DevOps culture of constant optimization and collaboration.  

Before I came to gridX, I worked in a large corporation and in a mid-sized company. In the corporation, there were limited opportunities for development and long decision-making processes. At the mid-sized company, I found a familiar environment, but hardly any innovation or willingness to go new ways. gridX combined these two worlds by offering flat hierarchies in a family environment and freedom to exert influence. 

Shaping growth

At gridX I recognized another passion: growth! It is incredibly exciting to see gridX grow and to be able to actively shape this growth. Since I started in September 2018, I have developed strongly on a personal level. I was able to take on responsibility from day one, make decisions and, in doing so, learned a lot. On top of this, I am motivated to do my job as it has purpose and contributes to sustainability. 

Thomas Eck, DevOps Engineer at gridX

Cultivating DevOps culture

At gridX, I work as a DevOps Engineer. I learnt that DevOps is not just a role, but rather a culture that you must establish in a company. DevOps promotes collaboration between all roles involved in the development and maintenance of software. This creates a cycle that allows constant optimization and flexibility. Establishing and maintaining this exact culture is one of my tasks.

Keep it running

On a technical level, I take care of our IT infrastructure in the cloud. I ensure that it is effective, cost-efficient and has high security standards. It is crucial here that we can scale everything in the shortest possible time, always have a plan B and detect errors early on. Another area of responsibility involves internal tooling for our developers. I have a very hybrid role at gridX, with equal parts from development and operations, a lot of responsibility and I am always taking on new challenges. In a nutshell, I try to keep everything running smoothly, both in terms of technology and our developers.

Diversity in action

One of gridX's unique characteristics is our legendary team events, ranging from a Christmas party lasting several days to a week-long trip to the seaside. It is precisely these events that allow us to grow together as a family, facilitate open and honest communication as well as a great deal of support.

To the question of what makes gridX special, I think there is a very clear and simple answer: it is the people who work here. I have met some of the most talented and inspiring people at gridX. Our team is incredibly colorful, both culturally and in terms of personal interests. We are all united by motivation and the will to achieve something great together.

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