May 29, 2024
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Celebrating diversity: gridX culture nights

At gridX, we believe that innovation thrives on diversity. With over 36 nations represented among our team members, we pride ourselves on being a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. Our commitment to building a multi-cultural team is not just about bringing together people from different backgrounds — it's about creating an environment where a multitude of perspectives can cross-pollinate to foster groundbreaking ideas in renewable energy.

To recognize and celebrate this diversity, we host regular Culture Nights at our offices in Aachen and Munich. These events have become an integral part of our company culture, fostering community and connection among colleagues and allowing them to share their unique backgrounds and insights. 

Learning how to prepare pani puri during Indian Culture Night.

This celebration of diversity does more than enrich our company culture; it drives our business forward, enabling us to meet complex challenges with creative and effective solutions. Having unique backgrounds provides different approaches to challenges, fostering creativity that wouldn’t be possible in a homogeneous group. This variety of perspectives can lead to more thorough and inventive solutions, which are essential for a business to adapt and thrive in competitive markets. In the ever-evolving field of renewable energy, harnessing this full spectrum of human experience is not just a benefit — it's a necessity. 

Each Culture Night is a collaborative effort. Employees begin by volunteering to showcase their culture through food, music and, sometimes, activities. The events are held after work and every team member that attends helps with cooking, plating, cleaning, bartending, DJing – whatever the night needs! Often, these events go well into the night with a deep dive into traditional music, some language lessons and a menu of several courses.

Despite the delectable meals (and even better leftovers), Culture Nights are not just about filling our bellies or learning about different customs. The impact of Culture Nights extends beyond the events themselves. 

This initiative has given us:

  • Enhanced cultural awareness: Employees gain a better understanding of their colleagues' backgrounds, leading to a more inclusive workplace.
  • Strengthened team bonds: Shared experiences and open conversations during Culture Nights have translated into stronger working relationships.
  • Promoted inclusion: By celebrating diversity, we create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. 

Our colleague Ilgin, who organized the Turkish Culture Night says: "Organizing Culture Nights has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It's amazing to see colleagues come together, share their stories and celebrate their backgrounds.”

All hands in for Turkish Culture Night!

Most importantly, our Culture Nights bring people together. From Turkey to India, Italy, Mexico and, of course, Bavaria, these events invite all corners of the globe to dine and work together under one roof.

We are excited to continue our journey with many more cultures – and we have a lot to explore! 

Want to start your career at gridX and join the next Culture Night? Check out our job vacancies.

Follow us on Instagram to see videos from our previous Culture Nights or learn about upcoming ones and get ready to embark on this cultural adventure with us!

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