API Report

Ever since software became a core component of power systems, APIs have become the foundation for connectivity and communication between energy assets, sites and stakeholders.

Executive summary

Why you should make APIs your friend, not your foe


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are mechanisms that enable communication between different software services.


98% of IT decision makers believe APIs are important to their organization’s operations.


By removing the need to build custom integrations, the gridX API reduces developer hours by up to 90%.


APIs enable the integration of devices, control algorithms, cloud services and entire systems.


APIs enable a range of use cases, from dynamic load management, to the development of smart districts.


API-led connectivity allows players to more easily adapt to new tech or changing  requirements.
APIs are crucial at every level of energy management

APIs in energy management

The exponential rise in decentralized energy assets is making the holistic orchestration of all components and systems decisive to the viability of renewable energy expansion. To enable real-time monitoring and control, smart devices need software, and for this software to be able to communicate and work coherently with other intelligent devices, we need APIs. 

The gridX API frees data from silos

The gridX API

The gridX API provides one data structure per device type, with existing integrations to over 40 of the most common manufacturers. The complexity of multiple and proprietary communication protocols is abstracted away, allowing developers to focus their efforts on the development of their own business logic rather than the arduous technical specifications.

Cloud energy management will increase in importance in the future

The future of API-led connectivity 

The API-led connectivity approach promotes decentralized access to data and capabilities. It fosters more agile processes, increased integration between stakeholders and an enhanced customer experience. Cloud-based energy management systems, of which APIs are key, are of particular note, as this enables advanced control geared towards the long-term optimum. 

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