gridX - press release archive

Neuer Westenergie-Ladepark im Essener Parkhaus am Deutschlandhaus
Größte öffentliche Ladestation im Zentrum von Essen eröffnet; Innovatives dynamisches Lastmanagementsystem ermöglicht schnelles Laden von Elektro-Autos
gridX and E.ON develop AI-based load management for electric vehicles
At the headquarters of the Essen-based E.ON Group, charging is now not only done dynamically, but also with the help of artificial intelligence.
Soak up the sun with gridX
Charge self-generated solar power instead of selling it at a loss: with gridX, solar power finds its way into electric vehicles – without restricting user comfort.
gridX and E.ON develop optimized charging and Vehicle2Home solution
As part of the "xHouse" project, the two partners are developing a dynamic charging solution in private households and are testing the electric vehicle as a flexible energy storage device.
E.ON and gridX extend their cooperation
Dynamic load management is finding its way into eleven European countries.
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