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gridX announces GoodWe as second "Ready for gridX" partner
Ahead of The Smarter E Europe in Munich, gridX announces GoodWe as its second “Ready for gridX” partner. Together, they aim to enhance energy asset interoperability and seamless energy management.
gridX strengthens OEM relationships with ‘Ready for gridX’ label
gridX introduces the 'Ready for gridX' label to enhance energy asset interoperability and collaboration among energy players. Strategic partnerships with top OEMs ensure a seamless energy management experience from installation to use. Partnering with KOSTAL, gridX sets the stage for retrofit EMS use cases.
gridX presents its podcast series “Watt's up with energy?”
gridX, Europe’s leading smart energy company, announces the launch of its new podcast series “Watt's Up with Energy?” This series offers expert insights into the dynamic energy industry and smart energy management in an easy-to-listen serial format.
First customer sees triple benefit from energy optimization, dynamic tariffs and reduced grid charges in accordance with §14a
gridX, Rabot Charge and Wegatech collaborate to enable energy cost reductions for a household. In their joint project, the trio included reduced grid fees in accordance with §14a for the first time in a customer's electricity bill. Additionally, it was demonstrated that residual household energy costs could be lowered by about 50 percent per year.
gridX’s new energy management module puts paragraph 14a EnWG into practice “behind the meter”
gridX's innovative "Grid Signal Processor" translates §14a EnWG requirements into practical solutions, ensuring transparency and high comfort during grid interventions. Successful testing with their smart energy management system confirms its efficacy in dimming distributed energy resources per § 14a.
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