gridX - press release archive

How homes can maximize self-sufficiency
Solar rooftop systems conquer our homes. These systems have proven to efficiently provide households with a high level of self-sufficiency – if applied in the optimal setup. Learn from gridX’s Head of Energy Management, Baptiste Feron, what you need to know to maximize your self-consumption.
gridX cements position as Europe's leading smart energy expert by continuously integrating new OEMs
gridX, Europe’s leading smart energy company, integrated four new original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) into the portfolio of its IoT platform XENON in 2023.
gridX conquers international terrain
In 2023, gridX achieved significant international growth, closing over 50% of new partnerships in European countries outside Germany, advancing its position as an Europe's leading smart energy company.
Why private individuals can now breathe a sigh of relief
The German BNetzA has published its stipulations on §14a of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) in the end of November. Already from January 1, 2024, these regulations will come into force. A gridX expert explains how the regulations will be beneficial for German households.
gridX substantially increases productivity in gridBox production
In 2023, the leading smart energy expert in Europe, gridX, has significantly increased the productivity in the in-house production of its IoT gateway, the gridBox.
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