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The EEBUS partners present Smart Meter Gateway Integration

The metering days in Fulda from 9.10.-10.10.19 focuses on current trends and the energy policy orientation of the energy sector. Exciting keynotes, interesting solutions and intensive discussions provided plenty of input for the 700 participants.

Input was also brought to the metering days by the EEBUS initiative. The energy grid is becoming increasingly flexible and decentralized, and at the same time electric mobility is a new major area. This requires the seamless exchange between generators, the power grid and the individual devices in the buildings as well as the car. EEBUS is a communication protocol that connects flexible consumers to each other and to the grid via an EMS.

Theben, KEO and gridX jointly presented the use case "Grid Interaction" within the EEBUS initiative. A demo showcase with Theben Conexa 3.0 SMGW and the corresponding gridX energy management system "gridBox" was introduced. The performance limitation of the grid operator is transmitted to the energy management of gridX within the use case. This intelligently and dynamically reduces the output of the connected electric car in the household. At the metering days it was possible to show how EEBUS can be implemented in practice.

Heat pumps, charging stations for electric cars or photovoltaic systems with battery storage are collected via EEBUS communication and are made available as flexible consumers in the distribution network. The building, or a group of interconnected residential units, thus appears in the network as a unit with a certain degree of flexibility. The "gridBox" energy manager from gridX ensures that the limit values specified by the network operator are adhered to at the house connection point.

A communication stack is provided via EEBUS. The network operators must limit this in order to avoid fluctuations and blackouts. The energy drawn from the grid is thereby reduced. gridX controls the power of the decentralized consumers and thus ensures the power limitation at the grid connection point.

With this application, the EEBUS partners demonstrate that they are already able to implement smart grid applications securely and flexibly.

About gridX

gridX is Europe's leading smart energy company based in Aachen and Munich. With its IoT platform XENON, gridX enables manufacturer-independent monitoring and management of distributed energy resources. XENON allows partners to develop and scale energy management solutions faster than ever before. By partnering with gridX, Fastned is able to install more charging points at sites without the need for costly grid extensions, and the Viessmann Group is able to offer its customers intelligent and integrated home energy management systems.